Kevin Scott Allen has been working as an actor in television, film and stage for over thirty years.  He believes his direct and honest approach to acting is what keeps him working. 
As a coach and teacher, Kevin applies this same approach with his students. 
“Whether it’s a two-line television audition or a one-man, full-length play, the actor must deliver a performance that not only effortlessly meets the demands of the script, but is emotionally rich and, above all, unique to the actor.  And this must be done night after night, audition after audition and take after take.”
To do that, the actor must be able to bring to any role, at any time, under any circumstances, their fullest performance.
Kevin is committed to developing this ability in each and every actor with whom he works. 
“I believe every session is a discovery of each actor’s individual uniqueness and how best to bring it forth.”
PRIVATE COACHING is offered for auditions as well as beginning/continued training.
For Auditions - this one-on-coaching will focus on helping the actor fully understand the audition script’s specific requirements and how to bring their unique personality into play so that the actor and the character are truly one.
For Beginning/Continued Training - whereas coaching for auditions is focused on making a specific script come to life, beginning/continued training coaching focuses on the actor.  It is a concentrated work session devoted to exposing and eliminating recurring weaknesses and building upon strengths.  It is recommend that every actor take at least one private coaching session before beginning a class so that a “road map” can be created of where they need to go and how to get there.
Private coaching is $75 per hour, with discounts offered for multiple sessions booked in advance. 
CLASSES in on-camera acting are currently being taught by Kevin at the Alan Feinstein Acting Studio in Sherman Oaks, California.